What kind of combat vehicles(Mechs) will be available?

Most vehicles will be land-based, like tracked tanks, hovers and multi-legged mechs. It's still being discussed, if there will also be air-based or air-land-based vehicles.

Will there be more Mechs added in future?

Besides of driving/hovering vehicles, we'll add two-/multi-legged Mechs to the game.

Can I customize a Mech to my indiviual needs?

You can choose from various skins/camouflage, equip different weapons and configure components, like shield and drive. Additionally, you're able to adjust all properties of your Mech, e.g. speed, armor, mobility, etc. by using PowerUps.

Can I found a clan?

Of course you can found a clan! Our Roadmap also includes seperate clan matches in future, where you battle for "Outposts". These Outposts that may be conquered by your clan, provide different advantages, like cheaper prices for weapons or special equipment.

Which perspective(view) will Xatrium be played from?

Xatrium will be played from third-person view (camera behind the Mech). We'll eventually add other camera settings in future.

What kind of computer do I need for Xatrium? Will I need special hardware?

To play Xatrium, you just need a regular PC, like those found in internet cafés and schools. The computer should have at least a 2GHz processor and 1GB of memory.
We recommend internet connections from DSL 1000(1MBit).

Is Xatrium limited to physical players only, or is there also an Artificial Intelligence?

Unlike other online games, Xatrium also has players controlled by artificial intelligence, so you can play even if no enemies are available, with your rank. In matches against AI, you'll receive less XP and Xatrium than in matches against real players.

Do players have influence on how the game develops?

Our player's opinions are important to us! We will start surveys and polls for future changes and ask to share your ideas. Players often have the best ideas for upcoming features and improvements.

How much will it cost to play Xatrium?

Playing Xatrium costs absolutely nothing! You can play the whole game without spending money at all. If you like, you can buy Xatrium with real money, so you can afford new Mechs and equipment much faster.

What's the InGame currency called and what can I use it for?

Xatrium only has one single currency, which we call Xatrium. In Xatrium everything is being paid with Xatrium: ammunition for explosive weapons, Boosters, like Health-Boxes or Speed-Booster, and also weapons and Mechs.
There're no items that are paid with a separate currency.

How do I get Xatrium?

If you win a match, you'll get Xatrium. You can also collect "Resupply Boxes" during matches, which may contain Xatrium. Additionally you can buy Xatrium with real money, to be able to afford new Mechs and weapons much faster.

Do paying players have any advantages over other players?

Players that pay money are able to buy new Mechs and weapons much faster as if they tried to get the needed Xatrium by playing. Requirements like rank, xp, etc. remain unchanged though.
In Xatrium, players are equal. We don't have Premium-Accounts, or Features, you "need to buy".

Do you have any further questions?

Ask your questions at the forums.